Wednesday, 21 November 2012


It is the end of the year, I have stressed so much that im pretty sure I am on my way
to having a stroke. Was it worth it? ....................YES, I finally sold some works and
had the privilege of displaying and studying along side very talented students who had the
patients to deal with me .....and for that THANK YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Last night proved to be a great show with a fantastic collaboration by Michael Bell, and with a sprint to the dead line for me to finish the foyer and upstairs gallery cater-loge. I am proud to announce the show  open.
As for sales, the printing makers and a couple of photographers sold works but for me not so lucky.But I still have a week and a half to go!!!
So go check it out people.!!     

Monday, 5 November 2012


These are the images of my paintings that  where sold in the Volume Two exhibition and am proud to say "city grief " and "failure of construction " sold .
    Ashlee Bucholtz, Human Scaffold 2012, oil on canvas 

     Ashlee Bucholtz, failure of construction 2012, oil on canvas

       Ashlee Bucholtz, city grief 2012, oil on canvas                  


Wednesday, 24 October 2012


 hello everyone I am proud to say I am officially an artist!!
 I sold my first TWO paintings last night at the opening of
 Volume Two of second year diploma exhibition.
 I will be uploading images soon !!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The meeting!!!

Last week myself Gavin Vitullo, Michael Bell, John Turier, Matthew Tome, Joana O'Toole and John Morris sat down with the man him self Tim Owen the Liberal MP of Newcastle.

While he look surprised by the number of people that followed Gavin and I into his office, he sat down with us to explain the state budget with the same political explanation of the state debt and how the budget for Tafe is like a business.

He pushed to assure us he was on our side and very pro-Art (his son in fact attends Enmore Tafe for  design), while the bigger picture is that state comprise to the debt incurred by the labor state government before hand, was to give the funds of the arts to Tafe courses with a higher employment rate.

Like a bull at a gate, Morris explained that the art school was a 120 years old with students exceeding the average career and some displaying in Berline Quote that this school was "no mickey mouse club and was the real deal!". Matthew corrected Mr Owen that a lot of students in fact move onto other courses such as graphic design and complete units to a certificate level gaining a job without having to finish a full diploma.

 Mr Owens final words stated we had to deliver to him these stats so that he may deliver them back to state government with the hope to change to the Tafe fate. The emotion had to be left out but as Matthew said its hard to run the Tafe like a business with out a budget to base it on.   

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


hello curious eyes, for the people who are seeking my images you will find them in my a gallery link at the top of the page.....more images coming soon :)